Jai Cuzco is a fusion between his past and present, from Rock and Indie to Downtempo and Deephouse this gives Jai Cuzco his unique sound. An electronic backbone combined with his own vocals and guitar. 
Jai’s music is most described as Deephouse, Downtempo and electronica with a hint of indie. A warm soothing sometimes looming sound that expresses itself in danceable and melodic grooves. 
Jai Cuzco plays his tracks live with analog synths, guitars, vocals and a drum machine. The Dutch electronic artist spend the last six months travelling Europe, living out of his van to get inspired by new sounds and landscapes focusing most on organic versus heavily processed sounds. 
In Jai’s new live set, he will take you on the journey as he experienced it, From Downtempo accompanied with Spanish guitar to Electronica guided with a huge, distorted synth.