Thomas Steiner is a light artist known worldwide for bringing large-scale artworks and spectacular stages to life at night. Born and raised and currently living in Zurich, he has traveled the globe creating a long series of installations, stages, and dance floors. Thomas is most acclaimed for his massive light shows for stages at top festivals like Garbicz, Bazique, Origin, Afrikaburn, Elrow, and Quest Festival. 

In 2016, Thomas created a life-changing light show for the Lighthouse at Afrikaburn, putting its name out on the international festival scene overnight. With running his own business as a light artist since 2019, Thomas designs permanent installations for clubs as well, like Wonderland in Cape Town, and Frieda's Büxe, Kauz, Makadam, and Sender in Zurich. All of his projects are collaborations with other artists, to incorporate electronic music. Vast amounts of light bulbs, Par spots, and LED strips are his signature, scratching the limits of what's possible to blow people’s